Appeal to Supreme Court, Prime Minister & President of Pakistan

It is my appeal to Pakistani government, supreme court, president, prime minister, ombudsmen in Pakistan to seek help in getting back our lifetime earning lost in Bahria Town plots residential scheme scam. This appeal is formally submitted to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Government & Prime Minister of Pakistan and international organizations.
Despite my all huge efforts during last twelve years, rich billionaire owners of Bahria Town (Pvt.) did not reply my letters or felt any sympathy for our family. Bahria Town (Pvt.) is among the richest of the companies in Pakistan. This money is very small amount for them. God will give them more if they return our money and care about our miseries.
During February-March 2005, we invested 1,600,000 rupees (USD $20,000) in Bahria Town (Pvt.) Housing Scheme plot files in phase 9, Islamabad. We lost more than 1,000,000 (10 Lakh) rupees in our investment. Including inflation this loss would be double. Bahria Town (Pvt.) owners live in luxury homes, stay at luxury hotels and travel in airlines luxury class and paid their bills from our hard-earned money while we never lived or traveled in luxury class. We have full documentary proofs of everything. It was our lifetime earnings. Today I have updated this application by checking all documents and their receipts. We can furnish these solid evidences at any time if media press or any other institution invites us.
During the end the year 2005, I invested almost all of the hard-earned money of our family in the purchasing of Bahria Town (Pvt.) Rawalpindi plot files. These were later merged into a single plot and transferred into phase 8, Rawalpindi plot. I purchased four such files and paid their installments. In this way I invested around 1,600,000 (Sixteen lakh: 1.6 million) rupees on this investment.
Within few months its price came down to one fourth of the invested money. It manifested that paid price was considerably higher than the actual price of the land and there was huge artificial increase in prices. It was a great loss for us. In numerous advertisements of Pakistani television and newspapers, Bahria Town (Pvt.) pledged security of investment and profit. Now I have sold the plot in just 555,000 rupees. In this way we suffered the loss of more than 1,000,000 (10 Lakh) rupees. Adding inflation during these five years, this loss is even bigger.
We patiently waited for four and half years but Bahria Town (Pvt.) did not complete any development during these years. During the year 2005, Bahria Town (Pvt.) sold these plots on such a high price that we could not recover our money despite waiting for almost five years. It is very solid and reasonable plea. We will be very happy if we get our originally invested money even without any profit. In the past, high level government officials provided compensation to such people who suffered great losses.
My father was grade 19 WAPDA officer who served WAPDA for 41 years. I worked for 15 years after passing my M.Sc. in the year 1993. So it was all of our money which we saved during these years. How we can forget such a big loss? Taking into consideration all these justified arguments and financial losses, I request President, Prime Minister and government of Pakistan to facilitate reimbursement of my invested amount or provide us financial support.
Here I want to say that although international organizations, Pakistani government and almost all world institutions claim and advocate many women and family welfare policies yet our family did not get any privilege, compensation or benefit. We are peaceful, law-abiding family having two little children including a girl and a boy.
Now Malik Riaz Hussain show himself doing many social works but God will not forgive him unless he pay to real deserving people who lost everything in their investment in Bahria Town.
Finally, I have decided to share my Bahria Town files and plot documents. I have all these documents in original and I kept them as a proof for last 12 years. Every single detail is provided in these documents regarding plot numbers, price, purchase dates and paid installments.
Our family is ready to pay 20 percent commission to any noble individual or party on the amount we will get if they assist us in getting our money back. I know it is big share but we solemnly promise to pay in case of recovery.








Appeal to Supreme Court, Pakistani government, Prime Minister & President of Pakistan