Reality of Life, Lifespan & Death

Few people really understand life and death. Sooner or later everyone will die. Billionaire will also die like the poor people. However, rich people spend life with great comfort but like poor people they cannot live more than limited short time often much less than 100 years. Hundred years are nothing in this billions of years old galaxy. Generally, every human think that they will never die or often they forget death. Death teach us few lessons. It teaches us that we should not make every struggle for this worldly life. However, most people in spite of knowing these facts spend their lives in gathering money. Death is such a horrible thing. I am among those people who want world community overcome death. There should be international agenda how humans could defeat death or live forever.
Unlike many crazy money earner, my life is not revolving around money earning only. I think about the world and humanity. How human came to this world? Why earth is moving with more than bullet speed around the sun i.e. 108,000 kilometers per hour. I live life by my own way. We should always remember that death is inevitable & it is the worst enemy of human beings. Ironically, human beings spent much more time and money on destructive, comfort and convenience technologies than fighting death and disease.
Humans would have overcome death and disease if there had been full-fledged directed efforts to achieve this objective. If one observes human history, he or she can easily see that 99 percent of human efforts were made in other worldly things aimed at luxury, wealth, comfort, entertainment and supremacy.
Death is the worst thing ever which could come to human life. Alas! What a bad end human beings get in old age. Pain, weakness, helplessness and body organ failures. Life end is so bad! Death smiles on us very day and night when we sleep or getup knowing the person is moving slowly but surely coming to her. Live your life with kindness, love, honesty and justice.
There is continuous war like struggle in the world to become richer and richer despite they know life is short and they will not consume very small part of wealth which they possess. There is no authority in the world to control sharp unequal distribution of wealth. Rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. As a matter of fact very rich people face much higher risk of life because many people could potentially get benefit of their death. And we all know worst thing which anyone can face is death which is imminent sooner or later.

Overcome death & disease, how to live longer and healthier, life & death

In the present circumstances life is a short stay in this world. Billions of people came in this world and returned. Everyone comes and goes alone. Graves are our ultimate destination. Remember that all of our ancestors have gone to graves. I wonder why people gather so much money and make so much efforts for worldly gains. Why people are so hard and tough for materialistic gains in this world?
Humans have made such an enormous advancement. Every other day software and apps updates. Genius doctors consider programmers crazy as there are no such updates in medicines as still we are using third generation of oral antibiotics. However, all this computer development is just game playing toys or comfort & convenience at best! Our lives are short and sooner or later death will come upon us. 

Can anyone imagine that one day human being will overcome disease and death, the bitterest of of the all reality in the world? At that time people would tell their children that there was time when humans use to die in less than 100 years. This time will come perhaps after several hundreds or thousands years later. Is it possible? Well it is quite possible that humans extend their lives to tens or hundreds of times. Five thousand years ago no one could imagine that one day humans will be flying in tons of iron weight or people will be able to talk and see each other from the distance of tens of thousands of miles. So if medical advancements are possible than it should come fast so that human being overcome disease and eventually death! Sometime in future it can happen. Why not earlier? I have noted that medical research is not as fast as in other fields. Are medical professional making money instead of doing research? Still there is no cure of diseases like AIDS or advanced stage cancer. God has let me write this article probably for the broader benefit of the mankind. I have written this fiction with the intention of overall welfare and betterment of the humanity.
World is not as just as it should be. While majority of rich people spend huge amount of money on wine, women and other interests and pleasures, others die in hunger without taking required medicines. I have been unemployed or self-employed for last 22 years since the time when I obtained my Masters in the year 1993. My children future is at risk. They are not getting quality food and studying in substandard schools. Who will bring revolution? Probably no one can bring revolution because people are very busy in their lives. Rich people will never allow anyone change the status quo. There is no collective force in the world. People are divided in nations, races, professions, interests and so on. Let us make a collective effort by sharing this idea.