Wealth Difference Gap & Needed Help of Rich Countries

This article discuss difference of wealth gap between poor and rich & rich and poor countries. It suggests many poverty alleviation measures. Rich countries help is needed to bridge the gap of sharp disparities of wealth.
I wonder why earning money is very hard in this world. There are billions and trillions of dollars in government exchequers and people’s personal wealth. Yet we cannot earn our basic livelihood needs despite all my efforts. What an unjust world! There should be way that every family get at least basic necessaries when they make such efforts. World Governments should print enough currency notes for providing people work and necessaries of life besides equal distribution of wealth. It is special note for kind consideration of rich countries like America, Canada, Australia, European countries, Middle East Arab countries whose people can help people in poor countries but they need motivation to do so.
It is very competitive age. Competition is so high that we work like robots yet we could not earn livelihood for our family. It is extremely difficult to earn. Currency notes are such a thing which government print and distribute among its employees. Rich people get it by the power of their wealth. Corrupt employees get it by misusing their powers. Poor people are always short of money. Poor people could not earn enough money despite all of their efforts.
Very strangely, humans have no worth in front of his own printed currency notes. Value of human services and hard work has reduced greatly. No or little work is available despite all humanely possible efforts. Need of money has increased greatly but there are no or little opportunities to earn it. Freelancers are unemployed people. At best we are contract workers or short term employees. Business hegemony designs are negative trend in the modern world. It deprive small businesses their share of business or livelihood. Equal distribution of wealth require equal distribution of work.
There is selfishness, apathy and little heed. I get no rewards despite my year’s long struggle. There is something wrong in world system that people like me make utmost efforts to earn money without any success. Better world system is needed.
Note that earnings in USA are around 10 to 50 times more than Pakistan for same type of work except some professions. Therefore, rich people can easily shift or settle in USA. However, USA investor’s immigration or Visa laws are complex. It is in the best interest of USA to settle such rich class in USA. Note that USA has big potential of future expansion. Canada and Australia have even huge potential. Pakistan population density is 234 people per square kilometer while USA population density is 32 /km2. Further, Canada and Australia have only 3.4 people /km2 and 3.2 people /km2 respectively. Therefore, these huge countries have huge potential of settling people. These countries should relax their laws to settle large numbers of people from around the world. My family live in very low inconsistent income. We always feel very sorry for our low income.
Rich countries people cannot imagine the poverty and hardships of poor people living in the poorest countries specially those who are underprivileged and facing persecution. Pakistan is amongst the poorest countries as per capita income. According to United Nations (2012) records, in the list of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita, sorted by rich to poor in descending order, Pakistan is at number 155th place out of total 193 countries. Therefore, Pakistan is 38th poorest nation in the world out of 193 countries.
Rich countries people’s attitude is very disappointing towards the people of poor countries. I am disappointed by the indifference of the people of rich countries that they never or rarely provide work to the people of poor countries. Even rich Pakistani diaspora or expatriates are not considerate to the poverty of their compatriots. I do not know whether this attitude is specific to Pakistan or it is same for all poor countries.
Pakistan is heaven for foreign multinational and local companies as there is no set limit of profit. Often Pakistan is said as cartel favorite state as they have good influence in the country. Such rich multi-national companies should provide us work. Many foreign country’s companies are doing great business in Pakistan and making huge profits but people of these countries do not provide any web services work to us when we post advertisements in their countries. We poor international cosmopolitan people deserve some support from rich countries.
Panama Papers leak database tells that huge numbers of rich people especially ruling officials, celebrities and big businesses have hidden wealth in offshore companies. Avoiding high taxes is one of the main reasons. Instead they could have kept their wealth legally with poor and middle class by giving them jobs or assignments. Believe me good chosen people are equally honest as banks.
These days Muslims goodwill to help poor Muslims have finished. I often emphasized Muslims of rich countries like Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia to provide work to poor Muslims like me but little response came. Muslim Ummah is dead even in rich Arab countries as they do not care about poor professionals like us. I am not religious person but like good universal “common core standards” of all religions. All religions, God and Prophets are sacred to us.