International Labor Day, Poverty, World Wealth & Money Disparities

Today on International Labor Day 2017, I decided to write on this day and shocking poverty. There is no national institution in Pakistan or international organization in rich United States of America, Europe or Arab countries which care about poor people. Our family live below poverty level. Despite all efforts, no work or money is available. World has become restricted place. Unfortunately, no one oversee poverty & the poor.
Google & Facebook are big powers in online world. Google hardly give any visitors or work to small websites or freelancers. I see that on Facebook, adding friends from rich countries are restricted. Rich people of rich countries already always try to avoid or restrict poor people especially from poor countries.
On this day, I request people and governments to circulate money. Governments should relax their financial policies. I see that poor remain poor and rich are getting richer. I always trickle down money to the poor people though more than 50 percent of my money reach to world richest companies due to their indispensable quality products. On the web, I work for the uplift of my associates who are all from middle or lower middle class.
Unemployment is huge & posts are not many. One expert say that old employees of top companies and high government official are very rich. They can provide jobs to number of people. They should realize their responsibilities and provide jobs to people. But how we can develop such a culture?!