Pakistan America Relations, Difficulties & President Donald Trump Government

Last updated on July 17, 2017

United States of America and Pakistan have long history of relations. These relations are based on need, dependence and mutual interest. President Donald John Trump is not considered very tolerant to people of other countries and black people. However, I consider President Donald Trump as very successful man in many fields. I hope he will be equally good in diplomacy, appeasement and foreign policy of USA. Being a long-term friend of America, I congratulated President Donald Trump on his win during elections. But for me things are getting weird. Great politicians always care about their friends & supporters irrespective of race & nationality.
Traditionally, Republican Party remained good in dealing with diverse people and foreign countries interventions. USAID display TV ads in Pakistani TV channels regarding successful long-standing supporting role of people of USA in Pakistan. As a freelancer, I use to get some work from United States. It strengthened our trust on Pakistan America relations. But now work is rarely available. Many people in Pakistan consider United States of America as enemy of Pakistan. I always tell them that United States of America policies declare better relations and peaceful Pakistan. During these recent years, I felt growing alienation in United States of America. I get very little work or inquiries from USA during these months. Such indifference is present in European and Arab countries which never care about us. United States of America, being a super power, should be as tolerant as in the past.

We are the people in Pakistan who want better Pakistan America relations for the better future of our generations. United States of America should work to strengthen their allies and supporters as we moderate people in Pakistan face bad economic hardships. Pakistani Americans are very rich in United States. We need good Pakistani Americans who could provide us work and support. I am spreading awareness in children & general people for better tolerant world. We are curbing child militancy & fundamentalism by basic & tolerance education. I get no funding for my tolerance awareness, moderate educational reforms work.

During the hunt of Osama bin Laden, the founder of Al-Qaeda, Pakistan America relations improved as Pakistan was declared as front-line state and Al-Qaeda & Taliban’s territory. Still war is on. Pakistan is the most attacked country so Pakistan is the most dangerous country to live. Our lives are not safe. Although Pakistan contain hard-core fundamentalist country, yet as long-term ally, United States of America government is fully supporting Pakistani military against terrorists.

During recent years, I got little work, money or response from United States of America. It may be an impact of cold Pakistan America relations. I noted that even my emails did not reach due to domain blocking or emails obstruction, which declare messages as spam or send messages in spam folder of other user. Sometimes people do not get their messages or calls. So all these messaging services like email, Whatsapp, imo, Viber or Skype depends upon service provider’s honesty and quality. Modern world technology should provide hacking free and human interference free services to the humanity. Phone, message or email blocking or hacking is against the fundamental rights and laws. I know that all large IT companies are commercial advertising companies which provide limited free services. However, they should accept the reality that huge numbers of SMS messages on mobile phones, TV and newspaper advertisements are all unsolicited paid commercial messages. We could only reach to limited numbers of available email addresses!